Forgotten Temple – The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Guide

Forgotten Temple – The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Guide

Forgotten Temple is a location in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It is in the far west Great Hyrule Forest Region. The closest shrine is Rin Oyaa

Then & Now BOTW – Skyward Sword Locations

I’ve started a new series showing off locations from previous Zelda titles found in Breath of The Wild. Thanks goes to GameOver Jesse for giving me this idea. Today we’ll be taking a look at the forgotten temple, the spring of courage, and the spring of power. All of these locations can be found in Skyward Sword with different names. The sealed temple (temple of hylia), skyview spring, and the earth spring. Nintendo was kind enough to put these easter eggs in the game so I thought it would be cool to show them off. Hope you all enjoy the video! remember to like comment and subscribe! Stay tuned for more Breath of The Wild content.

Okay, so something I blanked on in the video and forgot to mention is that for lore purposes the sealed temple became the temple of time as rauru is thought to have built over the sealed grounds. This does not change the fact that the Forgotten Temple is a direct reference to the sealed temple. In the video I used the wrong phrase and said it’s the same temple, what I should have said is this temple is clearly a spiritual successor to the sealed grounds or along those lines. The loftwing and Hylia statue prove this. Along with the carvings of loftwings and the platform with the shrine on top of it under the statue of Hylia. Like I said before Nintendo loves to move things around it may not be in the correct location and it technically it shouldn’t be around but it’s in the game as an easter egg and a destination for a quest. Join the millions of players who have already loved Paper io. Click on to start playing.

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Breath of the Wild: Does the Forgotten Temple PROVE the Tetraforce Theory?

While there have been many famous theories within the Zelda community, one has stood out ever since the days of the Nintendo 64. Through evidence found within Ocarina of Time, speculation began on the existence of a 4th triforce piece. This theory would be later dubbed “The Tetraforce Theory”.

Even after Nintendo has come out and denied it’s existence, people still believe that the theory is true. But does Breath of the Wild shed any light on this well-known theory? That’s what I look at today as we explore the mysterious Forgotten Temple!

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Breath of The Wild: Forgotten Temple Shrine Location

***Some Spoilers***

BotW#187 – Forgotten Temple Made Easy w/ Treasure & Koroks

LUR’s Breath of the Wild Complete Walkthrough #187
Getting to and completing The Forgotten Temple. Best route to uncover hidden treasure chests, gold rupee, Korok seeds, Giant Ancient Core, and kill all guardians on the way for extra guardian monster parts! Included in this walkthrough are tips for efficiently killing decayed guardians and avoiding detection, and avoiding targeting when necessary. The best possible guide with tips and secrets revealed for a better overall game experience for beginners and experienced alike. Happy Hunting!

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