Locations – Phasmophobia Guide

Locations – Phasmophobia Guide

Phasmophobia is currently in Early Access and has seven locations that players can investigate.

How To Test For All Ghosts On Nightmare Mode! Phasmophobia Tips And Tricks

A breakdown of every ghost in Phasmophobia and how to test for each one on nightmare mode!



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Best Tools For Ghost Hunting? The Candle! | Phasmophobia Guide

Despite knowing that the candle prevents sanity drain, I hadn’t considered it as the best tool for your first sweep of the location. But after a viewer commented that it’s their go-to tool, it made sense. I love the large locations, but I never go to them because of the sanity drain. But now that we can bring 4 lighters with us – and 4 candles as always – there’s no reason not to! I tested out how well this set up worked, and it was great. I was able to find my ghost (fairly quickly I might add) on every hunt. I tried out multiple large locations and a handful of smaller locations and really, it worked out better than I had anticipated. Sure, I didn’t get one or two pieces of evidence on the first entry – but in reality, bringing the EMF and the camera very often doesn’t result in 2 evidences either. In fact, if it provides any evidence, it’s usually just one – the verification of fingerprints or lack there of.

So what I’m saying is that the candle is overlooked more than it should be. Overall, I had higher sanity on every single hunt. I experiences no hunts prior to finding the ghost type and only did experience a hunt when trying to get additional objectives. This seems like a winner to me! What do you think?

00:00 Intro
00:15 The Poll
00:50 Best Tool: Your Ears
01:04 Prison Example
01:28 High School Example
02:03 Asylum Example
02:39 Candle Tips
02:42 Sanity Drain
02:51 Candles Inside Locations
02:55 The Rain
03:05 Using a Candle During Hunts
03:26 Candles Burning Out
03:35 The Onryo
03:40 Candle Verdict
04:08 The Poll
04:20 Outro

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Phasmophobia New Player Guide – Full Playthrough

Phasmophobia New Player Guide – Full Playthrough
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Phasmophobia Beginners Guide! 2022 – Everything a Level 1 Needs to Know!

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I get a lot of questions from new Phasmophobia players so I decided to make the ultimate guide for new players! I hope you find this helpful!

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