Vigors – BioShock Infinite Guide

Vigors – BioShock Infinite Guide

Similar to the Plasmids of the original BioShock, Booker DeWitt will be able to gain special powers through Vigors, which provide the user with a unique

Bioshock Infinite Combination Shock Achievement Guide – All Vigor Combinations

A guide to the Combination Shock Achievement/Trophy in Bioshock Infinite. All 8 vigor combinations you’ll need to unlock the Bioshock Infinite vigor combination Achievement Combination Shock.

The combinations are:

1) Murder of Crows + Devil’s Kiss
2) Possession + Devil’s Kiss
3) Bucking Bronco + Devil’s Kiss
4) Devil’s Kiss + Charge
5) Bucking Bronco + Charge
6) Possession + Shock Jockey
7) Murder of Crows + Shock Jockey
8) Undertow + Shock Jockey

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BioShock Infinite – Starter Guide

IGN details the basic info that you need to know going into BioShock Infinite. From basic survival tips to optimal gear loadouts, these are the basics every beginner needs to know before sending Booker DeWitt on his journey to save Elizabeth.

BioShock Infinite Vigor Tips & Strategy 301: Shock Jockey & Devil’s Kiss (Elemental Vigors)

HUGE DETAILED Written Vigor Guide w/Videos:

BioShock Infinite Burial at Sea DLC Note: As a note, shock jockey works the same (all vigors or rather…plasmids do), but there are a couple new mods and aids. Shock jockey costs more and is pretty expensive in the beginning at least. Devil’s kiss plasmid works the same though. I haven’t finished the new DLC yet, but the salt-cost is the same.

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Bioshock Infinite Vigor Guide w/Tips, tactics, & strategy!


In the third iteration of BioShock, the tried-and-true “Electro Bolt” returns masquerading as the new vigor dubbed, “Shock Jockey” — and for the better. Though received just before the midpoint of the adventure, a few judicious uses’ll make up for the time not in your possession.

Similar to the first two games, the Shock Jockey Vigor stuns the opponent, dealing an almost imperceptible amount of damage & weakening the foe so following attacks deal twice as much damage. Now most likely, the iconic primary firing mode’s the one you’ll use the most & understandably so, seeing as salt use is the cheapest in the game alongside/Bucking Bronco. And while primarily meant for solo targets off the bat, depending on future vigor upgrades and/or gear, it can easily become the most efficient tool for local crowd control. Adding to its usefulness, it can be lifesaving for inconvenient slow reloads.


Like Shock Jockey, BioShock 1’s “Incinerate” stays, but in the guise of “Devil’s Kiss.” Though all vigors are quite effective on single targets, Devil’s Kiss is more useful the more people are clumped together & unquestionably the best vigor to greatly curb danger of an impending death in 1999 mode. Or any for that matter.

For the primary fire DeWitt throws a fiery grenade, exploding into smaller pieces, forming a bigger explosion depending on upgrades. Occasionally during the game you’ll come across plotting groups of people unaware of your presence, this is the BEST time to throw a couple in quick succession saving time, health, ammo, salts, and most importantly…money. On easy and normal, a fully-upgraded Devil’s kiss can easily one-shot almost all humans no question. I’m not quite sure about hard since I didn’t use it too much, but even FULLY upgraded it takes 2-3 grenades to kill 1 person. So the moral of the story is use this to weaken groups of people, not single targets. For that, use DK’s electric sibling, Shock Jockey.

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Bioshock Infinite – All Vigor Combinations (Combination Shock Trophy / Achievement Guide)

Performed all 8 of the Vigor combinations. [Silver / 50G]

First of all you will need to collect all Vigors. Some of them are missable.
For all their locations please check out this video:

You can do the combos at any time, against any type of enemy. If you restart checkpoints your progress will stay. Keep restarting checkpoints if you are out of salts.

List of all Vigor Combinations:

1) Possession + Devil’s Kiss – 0:05
2) Possession + Shock Jockey – 0:25
3) Murder of Crows + Devil’s Kiss – 0:34
4) Murder of Crows + Shock Jockey – 0:44
5) Bucking Bronco + Devil’s Kiss – 0:53
6) Bucking Bronco + Charge – 1:04
7) Undertow + Shock Jockey – 1:13
8) Devil’s Kiss + Charge – 1:26


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